19th Annual Charleston Animal Society Chili Cook Off & Oyster Roast

Roux and Gracie - Managers of Two Catawhats?
Roux and Gracie - Managers of Two Catawhats?

Two Catawhats?

As you all know, supporting shelters and rescues is a large part of how I spend my time. As of 8/28/18, I have photo’d 395 adoptable dogs in the Charleston area this year. Charleston Animal Society alone accounts for 87% of those animals. To CAS, I have tracked 212+ hours so far this year with no plans to slow down my work with them because there continues to be a tremendous need.

Now I am asking for your support, in even the smallest donation toward Roux and Gracie’s Chili Cookoff Team – “Two Catawhats?” (Whenever people ask what kind of dogs we have, inevitably, there is a quizzical look and the question – “Catawhat?” Trust me – it’s a thing.)

Were it not for my shelter photos, I would never have met Gracie. And Roux would not be as happy as he is today because now he has a built-in buddy, a playmate, and a couch-cuddling-companion! In 15 years of volunteering with rescues, she is the ONLY dog we have adopted into our family. That is not to say there weren’t precious others who I adored, but that does mean she is EXTRA SPECIAL. And because of CAS’s support and care, she is now heartworm-free.

Don’t donate for me. Don’t even donate for the organization. Donate for the animals. In so many cases their lives really do depend on it.

Gracie, Roux and I appreciate your support.



*** PS - Every donation of $30 equals an admission ticket to the event ***


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